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Online selling and Print on Demand

“You need to ensure your products are in the same places as the shopping community.. Most people don’t come to museum websites to shop unless they are established retail brands such as Tate or the V&A. Museum users are likely to be looking for opening times rather than birthday presents. ”

So says Peter Tullin, the co-founder of CultureLabel.com, which sells 10,000 products from more than 400 galleries, artists, independent stores and museums in an article on Online museum sales in the current issue of  Museum Practice.

Just how practial and achievable is an Online shop or Print on Demand services for smaller museums? The technology is hardly a barrier these days, is it a matter of sussing the right product and marketing (which reaches out beyond us museum nerds)?  Museum Practice has some good articles and case studies, who here in Warwickshire and Coventry has started taking a step down this route? As ever, I’d love to hear your experiences. There are surely some potential online retail partnerships to be made – Why stop at museums?

for Museums Association/Practice subscribers here the link. to the articles

For others here are some extracts you might find useful Guide to online retailing _ Museums Association

Case study_ print-on-demand _ Museums Association , avoncroft sales increase museumspractice aug11

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