The Herbert indulges in Angelology…

the Herbert wants to know how many angels it can attract this year. No, they are not debating with Aquinas, but very practically looking for many people to help fund a new piece of Art this year

BE AN ANGEL THIS NEW YEAR [ and pinch the good ideas too..]

Help create a unique piece of art

 The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is looking for some angels this New Year to help fund a sound installation called Sounds of the West Terrace for the From Highfield Road to Wembley Way exhibition in 2012. The exhibition will showcase and celebrate the entire journey of the club to that momentous day when they won the FA Cup.

Unless they were there, no one can imagine the noise of the crowd or the atmosphere of the stands during the last ten games that Coventry City Football Club played at the legendary Highfield Road Football Ground. Sound artist Duncan Whitley is looking to produce a soundscape of these final matches for a limited edition CD and digital download from the highlights of each crowd as they watched their team.

Recorded in the West Terrace part of Highfield Road, Whitley’s sonic document creates a vivid sense of the space in which the recordings were made. Listeners can often detect sounds coming from all directions, including from above and behind.

The Herbert is asking for people to become an angel in 2012 by donating money, via the Angel Shares website, to help fund this unique piece of art and history. For each pound pledged to the project, an angel share is bought. Each Angel Share people buy could entitle them to a unique piece of memorabilia or event. These include a copy of the limited CD, tours of the From Highfield Road to Wembley Way exhibition, tickets to a Coventry City match and access to the VIP hospitality suite during a game.

To donate and be an angel, people should visit

Exhibition Officer Dominic Bubb said “It’s really important that people donate to this project. The CD will depict a moment in history that no-one will ever get to experience again or recreate. What makes it special is that it’s a time that people can actually remember. It’s not from someone else’s life, it’s from their life, they were there, cheering on their boys and chanting for their team”.

Highfield Road stadium was home to Coventry City Football Club for some 106 years, from 1899 to 2005. It was located on Kings Street in the Hillfields area of Coventry, an area heavily bombed during World War II.

Although Highfield Road was not the prettiest stadium and was somewhat lacking in facilities by comparison with modern stadiums, it was well-loved by the Sky Blue faithful for its character. The short walk to the ground from the Pool Meadow bus station on match days will be recalled fondly by generations of supporters. Over the years, the East and West Stands gained a reputation as the singing areas of the ground and, it is from the perspective of the West Terrace that the recordings were captured.

Duncan Whitley works with sound recording, archive and large-scale sound installation. His projects often explore the medium of recorded sound as aural history; positing sound as a valid and powerful form of representation alongside film, photography and painting.

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