Aim Visitor Verdict Hero

Need visitor feedback? No money for it? AIMs ‘Visitor Verdict’ solution

Aim Visitor Verdict HeroThere is still time to register to be part of the 2 year FREE programme run by AIM which will give you comprehensive visitor feedback and have it benchmarked against others like you – excellent for planning! You can register up to 15th August.

I really recommend this incredibly cost effective-  and a really smart – way of improving the viability and quality of your museum/site. For more see here Visitor Verdict  

AIM Visitor Verdict helps independent museums become more resilient.

Your benchmarked survey results can…..Lend weight to funding bids – Help to attract and retain sponsors / investors – Help improve the Visitor Experience

• Learn from ‘best in class’
• Prioritise areas for improvement
• Identify what is delivered very well
• Guide staff training and suppliers

Inform marketing and communications messages and strategy -Inform admissions and other pricing decisions
Raise standards across the sector by sharing best practice and experiences

A user-friendly online system (no need for on-site interviewers!)
The Process
Museums upload your  visitor contact emails to a secure website periodically*
Survey invites automatically sent out by email
Results available to you privately, online
(using passwords) in chart form.
Versus benchmarks – size, type, free/paid etc.

What areas will the survey cover?
What are their motivations for visiting you and needs when they get there?
Which communications channels influenced them?
Why are they here?
Age & gender? Children with them? How old?
Where do they come from?
Socio–economic status? How often do they visit you?

What do they do in your museum? Do they visit / purchase in your shop or catering facilities?  What is their average (secondary) spend? What do they think of their experience?

Over 40 ratings questions, covering a comprehensive range of visit dimensions:

Overall enjoyment, value, recommendation. Operations / service: incl. secondary spend. Interaction: staff, interpretation, learning etc. Emotional: atmosphere, social, relaxing etc.

What can participating museums learn from the benchmarking exercise?
What are the critical visit aspects?  How can we become more resilient?

want to discuss more? email me.

(nb there is no visitor limit, please ignore any previous figures cited)

more outline of the scheme here:

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